Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Can you do it within 24 hours?

Can you do it within 24 hours?

When we arrived on site at a major south coast hoRiello Multi Sentry 40kVA with external battery box installationspital, we found that the existing 10 year old 40kVA APC UPS had completely failed - not even into internal bypass but completely failed and had dropped the load.

This UPS ran the NHS Primary Care Trust's datacentre for an entire county and it was now running on a temporary raw mains supply - we knew that this needed to be sorted out quickly.

After giving the customer a decent quote - not inflated due to their circumstances - we went about arranging all the necessary equipment and engineers - Riello Multi Sentry MST40 with 15 minutes external battery cabinet, battery build and DC cabling / isolators and a 125A 3 phase maintenance bypass switch.

This was all delivered the same day and our engineers arrived to install the bypass switch, hook up the UPS, battery build and commission.

The live load was on the new installation within the required time frame and a load test on the actual load was carried out there and then.

The old unit and batteries were loaded up and recycled.


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